Girl Talk with Hunkemöller

Hi there! Just a few days left until Christmas and everyone around me is in this Christmas shopping frenzy, and I’m so glad I already have all the presents! Now that I have time to recharge my batteries, finished reading my book and am enjoying some cozy mornings with my favourite ginger tea before we go back home to Germany and celebrate Christmas.

This week I was invited to Hunkemöllers Christmas Store Event here in Vienna. I was so surprised when I walked in, because from the outside, the store doesn’t even look that big. But once you’re inside, you’re surrounded by high ceilings and a long hall filled with lingerie, ensuring that you won’t leave the store before finding something that will help you channel your inner goddess!
On Tuesday I wrote my final exam before the Christmas holidays (yay!) and afterwards I went into the city and spent an awesome evening at the Hunkemöller Event, sipping sparkling wine and having a fun time. 
This lovely girl from the store, Tamara, showed me around and helped me pick some lingerie and find my perfect fit. I love the collection they currently have at the Hunkemöller Store in Vienna. There are so many different colours and designs but since I’m a huge fan of lace details, I picked this black beauty with a criss-cross design in the front. How do you like it?

Investing in lingerie has been my little indulgence for a long time now. For me, lingerie is about being comfortable with yourself and feeling sexy from the inside - because you know, no one can see what you’re wearing underneath. ;) 
Don’t get me wrong, I totally live by “home is where underwear isn’t” and I feel perfectly fine with just wearing a comfy sports bra, but there is just something about leaving the house wearing this sexy piece underneath that makes you feel like a goddess. Am I wrong? I think it’s important to love your body and wear things that make you feel confident and good about yourself. 

I wish you all a lovely Christmas time. :) <3

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