Barcelona and the thing with cacti

You know I have this thing with cacti. Every time something happens, events that I know I won't forget for a long time - like me moving out or Sinan and I's first backpacking tour, I buy a cactus.  I love cacti because
they're easy to care for and don't act resentful when left alone at home for 5 weeks because you're on the other side of the world, backpacking. They also are very decorative and a spot of green in my viennese apartment.
Of course I could buy a bunch and just arrange them on a shelve, but then they wouldn't have any meaning. So over the last years, I decided to buy them one by one, every time I feel like it's time for it.
This baby I bought on my last day in Barcelona on La Rambla, the biggest (and for sure the most crowded) street in Barcelona.
It's a reminder of all the beautiful moments I had during the nearly 2 weeks I spent in Barcelona this July.
One day, a dear friend from my hometown in Germany, who'd come to BCN to visit his girlfriend, picked me up from my hostel. We walked into the small streets of El Gotic and whilst enjoying this mostly shadowy and less crowded part of the city, we soon got lost in it. We knew which direction we were going but apart from that, we were just breathing in the city. We strolled through beautiful El Born and ended up eating the best Piadina ever on Placa the Sant Pere. Back on Placa the Catalunya, which is a large square in central Barcelona we realized we'd walked for more than 5 hours and it was late afternoon already. How fast time flies when you're having fun..
After nearly a week in Barcelona, a crazy ass girl from the US moved into the bunk bed above me. Her name was Zoe and after talking to her for barely 5 minutes she was like "ok lets go out tonight!". If you ever read this - thanks Zoe for the great times with you, speaking British has never been so much fun! ;) <3
Through Instagram I had found out that Sasha, I girl I met on a Instagrammers Meetup in Vienna, was also in BCN and we went to Park Güell with her cousin. We live in this big big world, but coincidences and friendships make it feel so small.
There are so many other moments that wouldn't fit in this blog post, but will make Barcelona an unforgettable trip. And now every time I turn towards the window, I will see my reminder sitting on the window sill - that tiny little cactus.

I didn't take many pictures in Barcelona, but here are some impressions taken with the phone.


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    1. Oh nein, ich hatte den Link hier nicht aktualisiert. Jetzt kannst du wieder über den Link zu meinem Instagram :)

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