Throwback April

Clean air that whistles through the trees. It's April, location Turkey. It was cloudy all morning so S and I decided to go on a hike instead of heading to the beach and waiting for the sun to come out. We went

up to the hills, to a mediterranean forest with pine trees, following a path that a friend has marked with paint. We left our car in a small village called Beycik and let the path lead us through rivers, fields and we walked past a goat flock with a lovely old lady looking after it.
Even though I grew up close to this area, now that I've been living in Germany and Vienna for almost 6 years, all this feels so different and 'exotic' to me. Hiking up and down this area used to be a weekend family activity, where I memorized all those hiking paths and learned how to find edible mushrooms and other plants. I think finding mushrooms was one of my favorite things to do with my dad. People don't know that side of me. Most of the time, I'm this cute curly headed girl with bright painted nails, who sees herself as a Viennese girl because she totally feels the vibrant city she lives in. But then, when I'm back in my fathers place in Turkey, I don't care about manicure. I put my hiking boots on and take our safari jeep to explore some ancient cities that are literally everywhere in this area. I'm happy that S is totally the same way like me. I show him places I've been to as a child, and every time I feel like we get to know each other a little better. Because that's who I am too - a girl who also feels home when surrounded by nature.
But for now I'm in Vienna, studying for my final exam which is this week. There are a lot of exciting things planned for upcoming month and I can't wait to finally pack my backpack again!

Wish you all a great week. :)


  1. Wunderschöne Fotos!
    Hatte deinen Fragebogen gar nicht gesehn, in dem du mich getaggt hattest :)
    Hab dir jetzt mal, nach einer halben Ewigkeit in einem Kommentar geantwortet :D

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