Snow White

Snow.. Snow has always been a special thing to me. Even though it's freezing cold and walking to the grocery store feels like a walk through my refrigerator, there is still this magic of looking out of the window as all those snowflakes pass by and then drinking hot chocolate.. ahh.
For me, it's the first time in this winter that

I look out the window in the morning and see all the green and brown turned into a sparkling white. And I mean, a real, proper white. The world of dirt and gloominess is covered and it looks all clean, like a blank new page.

Now, I'm at home in Germany and since my semester at uni is starting soon, I'll be off to Vienna in a couple of days. So yes, you can spot me in the libraries of Vienna for the next couple of months, yay!

I hope you guys will enjoy yesterdays spontaneous shooting in the snow. I just love how those snowflakes turned out in the pictures!


  1. Die Bilder sind wirklich schön mit den Schneeflocken! Ich mag deinen Rock auch gerne, der passt irgendwie dazu :)
    Grüße, Maybrit von Kopfchaos

  2. Soooo schöne Bilder :)

  3. Schöne Bilder ���� was studierst du?:)

  4. wirklich tolle bilder! sieht echt mega schön aus :)

  5. sehr schöne bilder! die schneeflocken hast du toll eingefangen :)

  6. Magische Bilder! Sind dir wirklich super gelungen! Und auch die Bilder vom letzten Post finde ich einfach nur wunderschön!

    Liebe Grüße :)
    Jasmin von

  7. Extrem schön. Deine Haare! ♥

  8. und du meinst ich habe tolle Haare! sehr schön:-)