A few days after New years, while walking around in Viennese streets. I don't know why but it so happens that pictures of S and me together are extremely rare, as it's usually either S or I standing behind the camera. So take a close look at them, I doubt you will be seeing this kind of pics again soon. :)
 For this day I chose to layer up a little by wearing a marine blue sweater and a grey jersey skaterdress underneath, because the sweater isn't long enough to wear it as a dress. A big scarf is a must have for me in wintertime, as I love to cuddle up in it and then walk around like a big woolen mushroom on feet.
 I love the sweater, not because I found it on sale (hehe), but also because it has this straight cut and is easy to combine. And yet it stands out with the stripes and adds this little sporty touch to the otherwise more girly outfit. Perfect for a day out and about in the city or just for a cozy chit chat in your favorite Cafe around the corner.
I don't feel comfortable with doing outfit posts where I just stand in front of a monochrome wall and smile into the camera while presenting my outfit. I would get bored quickly and taking pictures wouldn't be as much fun as it is now. I am open for any suggestions and ideas, so speak up if there is something in your mind. ;) <3


  1. Schöne Post, tolle Fotos von euch beiden und die Bearbeitung ist auch gelungen :)

    Liebe Grüße,

  2. These pictures are lovely! The lighting is perfect, and I love both of your outfits!!

    Also, I recently started following you on Instagram & really like your style, so I tagged you in the 10 Random Questions Tag. Be sure to check it out at !!