Hey guys!

Current destination: Turkey.

Back in Germany S and I kinda ended up looking for flights again and somehow found ourselves in a flight to Turkey. In this season, flights to Antalya are extremely cheap, even cheaper than a train ticket from my home in Germany to Vienna.
So here we are now, staying in

the town I grew up in, breathing in the fresh, salty air that comes from the beach and feasting on organic fruits that grow in our garden.
Yesterday the sun was shining and it was very warm, so we packed some fruits and walked down to the beach. S has this thing with slow-motion videos, shooting slow-motion videos with literally everything. I was instructed to jump around in the ice-cold water and so I did, and while making some videos we also took some pics. I really like how they turned out and since it's raining today, I found some time to edit and upload them for you. Hope you like them. <3

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