Joy of Photo Booth

Love. Flowers everywhere, their scent merging with the sweet sound of laughter and suffusing the air around us. Flying red heart shaped balloons, drifting away in the wind, racing against the sunset. Smiling faces and beautiful gowns swirling around. Music in our ears. Happy souls, together for eternity. 

As you might have already known, we went to a very special occasion last weekend. It was the wedding of one of Sinan’s relatives. And I have to say, we love weddings! We set up a photobooth box from Happybooth and it was such a success that during the evening, the camera flashed more than a 1000 times! Everyone had so much fun with it and even just watching people goofing around in front of the camera was hilarious. It’s a rare moment that people feel so comfortable and high-spirited although they know that there is a camera taking pictures of them. I can only speak for ourselves, but we love it!

Photos courtesy of Lichtathleten