adiós, pura vida

It's been a long time since we first packed our backpacks and were holding our tickets to Panama while we were waiting at the gate and watched all those airplanes fly away to amazing places all over the world. We weren't that much prepared, normally I would declare our travel guide to my new bible and won't let go of it until I've read every single page and underlined everything that sounds interesting. Well, not this time. And maybe that was the best thing to do. In order to find out where to go next, stalking Instagram pictures with the hashtag "Panama" and "Costarica" helps as well I figured.
We saw so many beautiful places, met amazing people, climbed up a vulcano crater, dived in crystal clear water with tons of colorful fishes and sharks around us and watched a family of humpback whales. We found out that Gopros can actually leak, that a bag of rice is a must-have in your backpack because it's the best medicine for a wet Iphone and that "Original Panama Hats" are actually made in Ecuador. We learned how to surf, then crossed the border to Costa Rica and experienced what it feels like to stand in the middle of a cloud forest up in the hills and breathe in the scent of purity.
It took us a while to come back to reality, to realize once again, that to every great and adventurous  story, there must be an end.
So it was just us two, sitting at this park by the sea in Panama City and watching the sun go down, while the sky was changing colors, finally getting darker and the lights of the night go brighter, when we decided we definitely wanted to come back, one day.

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