The Panama Canal

After crossing the border to Panama, we went to Bocas del Toro, an archipelago at the caribbean coast. We wanted to go diving but the visibility wasn't so good, so we spent our days with island hopping, enjoying good food and snorkeling around to find sea stars.
We also figured that if one day, we decided to buy an island, the first thing to do is to check out whether there are any sandflies at the beach - the most evil creatures ever! They are so small that you don't see them coming and you only feel the pain when its too late.
There are not many pictures of Bocas, because we never took the camera with us when we went to the beach. You never know what can happen to your stuff thats left at the beach when you are snorkeling.

After nearly a week in Bocas, we took the night bus back to Panama City to enjoy our last days. We went to the Panama Canal straight ahead, as it was something we definitely wanted to cross off from our bucket list before going back home.
We watched a vessel called "Santa Rafaela" transit through the locks, which took about 30 minutes. Its so amazing to see how such giants made of steel swim they way through the locks so slow and even more cautiously, without touching the sides.

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