At first, you don't see anything. You are surrounded by trees, sunshine is sneaking its way through the canopy of leaves and for the moment, the only thing you hear is the humming sound of wings. But its not the humming sound of just one hummingbird, they are literally everywhere. The closer you come, the louder the humming gets. You close your eyes and it almost feels like you are standing right in the middle of a huge swarm of bees. There are so many of them, that some fly just inches past your head and your hair waves a bit.
Then you start to see them. They fly around and land on the trees. Sometimes they are so fast, that they disappear before your eyes even recognize what they just have seen. Blink, and they are gone.
You reach out your hand and after a minute or so, they land on your finger, clasping it with tiny claws.
This was one of those amazing moments we will never forget.

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