Cabo Blanco

After many requests, Sinan and I have decided to continue the blog mostly in English, so that not only our german speaking friends can read about our adventures. There are so many things that we want to experience in this beautiful country, that we hardly find the time to edit and upload the pictures we take with the camera. But we will catch up soon, promise! ;) Meanwhile you can enjoy sneak peaks on Instagram and EyeEm (links above in the blog) where we daily upload pictures from our mobile phones.
These pictures are taken in the Cabo Blanco Nationalpark at the pacific coast of Costa Rica and is actually the first protected area in the whole country. It was an exhausting but also fascinating 5 hour walk through the forest where we saw monkeys (white-headed Capuchins) eating fruits and throwing them away so that we had to be careful to not get one of those fist big fruits on our heads. We also saw some kind of deers and surprisingly, they where not scared of us at all. When we came closer, they just walked away deeper into the forest and didn't even look at us. Pure nature..

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